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Climb Snowdon - Watkin Path complete guide

The Watkin Path – A Complete Guide

Our extensive guide to the Watkin Path covers all the essentials, from the route’s fascinating history to who it is best suited to and what you can expect. By the end of it, you will be more than ready to head up this glorious hiking trail and take on the iconic Watkin Path.

Climb Snowdon - Llanberis Path guide

The Llanberis Path – A Complete Guide

To help you prepare for your walk up Llanberis Path, we put together this comprehensive guide to the trail. In it, we cover the path’s history, what makes it special, how the route unfolds and a few top tips for staying safe.

Climb Snowdon - Memorials in the Mountains

Memorials in the Mountains

Losing a loved one affects us deeply. As part of the grieving process, we often want to honour the memory of the departed and demonstrate how much they meant to us. One of the most popular ways involves honouring them in a special place that meant a lot to them. For many people, that is the mountains.

Climb Snowdon - The Snowdon Horseshoe - A Complete Guide

The Snowdon Horseshoe – A Complete Guide

The Snowdon Horseshoe is arguably one of the finest walking routes in the UK and involves some of the most spectacular vistas, trails and ridgelines you will ever have the pleasure of traversing. But it is also a challenge…

Climb Snowdon - Environmentally-Friendly Hiking Kit - What to Look For

Environmentally-Friendly Hiking Kit

To help you choose environmentally and ethically responsible kit, we compiled this quick guide to what to look out for when buying gear. Though it is not exhaustive, it covers several key issues consumers should be aware of.

Climb Snowdon - How Fit Do You Need To Be To Climb Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa)?

How Fit Do You Need To Be To Climb Snowdon?

While Yr Wyddfa is accessible to people of various fitness levels, from those looking to reach their first summit to experienced scramblers and mountain climbers, we always recommend doing some physical preparations before your climb.

Climb Snowdon - 12 New Ways to Experience Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon)

12 New Ways to Experience Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon)

If you have already climbed Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon), you know just how spectacular the mountain is and how fantastic the experience can be. We have been climbing Yr Wyddfa for longer than we like to remember. And it never gets old.

Climb Snowdon - The Best TIme to Climb Snowdon

The Best Time to Climb Snowdon

In this article, we look at the best time of day to scale the mountain, whether some days are better than others and how the experience changes throughout the year.

Climb Snowdon - How hard is it to Climb Snowdon

How hard is it to Climb Snowdon?

A lot of people ask us the same question and it is certainly not an easy question to answer, but we thought we should give it a go.

Climb Snowdon - Managing Mental Health in the Mountains

Managing Mental Health in the Mountains

Let’s examine what we do to try and reassure walkers who are worried, anxious or lacking in confidence.