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About Us

Ross and Kate Climb Snowdon. Summer, winter, mornings, evenings, busy days, quiet days and by many different summit routes.

We are highly experienced Mountain Leaders, with a wealth of personal and professional walking days behind us – all over the UK, and beyond. But our passion for living and working underneath Snowdon’s shadow underpins everything we do.

We have now worked with 1000s of people – from all walks of life – who are keen to enjoy walking on Yr Wyddfa.

Our experience and enthusiasm for helping people enjoy happy and safe days in the mountains is key to what we do, as is our depth of experience of working with a great many client groups, in all sorts of weather, for a number of years.

Ultimately, our goal is to help others access this most majestic of mountains. If we can help develop a sense of wonder and intrigue about Yr Wyddfa, the mountain, and you go home wanting to come back again, to stand on another Snowdonia summit, then we have achieved this goal.

Our responsibility for increasing your safety, supporting considered decision making and helping you develop confidence in an unfamiliar environment is always paramount. We also love to engage, to advise, to educate and to inspire.

Climb Snowdon - Ross and Kate Worthington

Climb Snowdon - RAW Adventures logo

Climb Snowdon is part of RAW Adventures, providing professionally run mountain activities in the UK and beyond.

Climb Snowdon is the web portal for our services that we provide specifically for groups that want to walk up Snowdon and exists specifically to provide you with a high quality service to help you and your group Climb Snowdon throughout the year. We thrive on developing opportunities to work with others in the outdoors, regardless of age and experience.

Passionate about working within this exciting industry, we have the utmost concern for safety, challenge, professionalism and enjoyment.

With over 25 years combined leading experience and enthusiasm to match. We will care for you and your clients as much as you do.

Why Choose Us?

  • Because we care about you, your group, your experience and enjoyment
  • Kate and Ross have over 25 years combined mountain leading experience in the UK
  • We hold unrivalled experience in working with a diverse range of clients and groups on Yr Wyddfa
  • We operate both summer and winter walks – all year round
  • We are fully professionally insured for the mountain activities we provide
  • We have the utmost priority for safety, education and enjoyment of Snowdon’s mountain environment
  • We develop appropriate opportunities to support others, regardless of age, ability and experience
  • Year on year, we donate £1 per Climb Snowdon walker to the Snowdonia Society
  • We have a fantastic Climb Snowdon multi-headwear souvenir available to you!

This is what we do...

  • Listen to your requirements and advise as best possible
  • Suggest route options and appropriate objectives for you and your group
  • Provide telephone and email support in the planning of your day
  • Provide comprehensive Trip Notes and Kit List
  • Work with locally based, experienced, qualified and insured Mountain Leaders
  • Add value to your experience with our wealth of local knowledge and community links
  • Advise you on additional activity suggestions and accommodation to enrich your time in Snowdonia
  • Suggest ways you can minimise environmental impact and support local conservation interests

Climb Snowdon in the Community

Our local reputation is outstanding and we have excellent links with local businesses and organisations, including:

We work closely with Snowdonia Taxi to offer transfers around Yr Wyddfa/Snowdon for groups and individuals. Please contact them directly by calling 01286 872447 if you need support for any extra journeys during your stay in Snowdonia. Be sure to mention RAW Adventures when booking your journey.

#WeAreClimbSnowdon and live, work and play under the shadow of this spectacular mountain every day.

Our Responsibilities

Climb Snowdon are proud supporters of Rhodd Eryri / Snowdonia Giving – an initiative to enable local businesses and visitors to Snowdonia donate towards community and conservation projects that will help protect and conserve Snowdon for generations to come.

Find out more about the project and see how you can help us help Snowdon and its unique environment and communities.

We have already committed to donating £1 per Climb Snowdon booking to the Snowdonia Society over many years, which has been used to help fund volunteer path maintenance days and litter picks, many of which we have volunteered on too, in person! It’s good to give something back to the mountain that gives us so much.

  • We aim to improve your safety by offering advice, guided ascents, route and weather information, discussing timings and logistics and general planning
  • We add value to your day by offering information about the mountain, its flora and fauna, management and unique history
  • We actively promote and educate others about environmental considerations on the mountain and share this information with all our participants and beyond
  • We adhere to good practice guidelines when planning larger walks and liaise with those necessary to do so, including local residents and organisations, Snowdonia National Park and landowners where necessary
  • We work with groups on a 1:10 Leader ratio so you are well informed and well looked after
  • We provide a very detailed Kit List and purchase discount code for Cotswold Outdoor (inc. Runners Need and Snow+Rock)
  • We offer advice on sustainable solutions to parking, accommodation and eating/drinking in the area to support local businesses
  • We regularly support and organise litter sweeps and conservation clean ups on the mountain, including the yearly Real 3 Peaks Challenge
  • We send you clearly written Climb Snowdon Trip Notes to prepare you well for your day
  • We use local and knowledgeable Mountain Leaders, holding a nationally recognised qualification, whom we know and trust
  • If this is your first mountain, we want you to enjoy your day so much that you end up planning more mountain adventures!


We are here to support your Climb Snowdon day and help you achieve your goal safely and enjoyably. But in order to help us help you, please arrive prepared and ready for a full day’s walk in the mountains.

Snowdon does not offer casual walking on smooth, undulating terrain or country park style paths. Snowdon is 1085 metres above sea level and has some steep and rocky sections and paths, it’s an exciting mountainous environment! That’s why so many love it so!

Yr Wyddfa is beautiful and dramatic. There are times where you may need to use your hands to steady yourself on certain paths and even the Llanberis Path (the tourist path) is notoriously steep in a couple of sections.

The mountain is rocky underfoot and will challenge your thighs, calves, feet, ankles, back, breathing and brain at times! But, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?!

Please bear this in mind when preparing for your walk and think about the following:

  • PLEASE follow the Kit List and bring ALL items listed with you
  • Always ask us any questions you need - that’s why we’re here!
  • Practice walking on steeper ground up AND down - find your local hill or make some visits to areas at weekends
  • Use a running machine or stepper on a steep incline or resistance
  • Plan in longer walks at the weekend - with your backpack on
  • Cover longer distances when on flatter ground - to build up stamina
  • Practice using trekking poles (at least once) before your Climb Snowdon day
  • Always take the stairs and climb up and down them as much as you can!
  • Carry on building upon your cardiovascular fitness (swimming, walking, running, cycling) as well as building tummy strength to support your back
  • Focus on developing muscle tone and strength in your thighs, bum and back to help support your knees and avoid injury...and STRETCH these muscles regularly
  • SEEK ADVICE from a qualified professional before embarking upon a new exercise regime

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